Oriflame Brushes Review

Hey guys, so I been using Oriflame brushes from about six months , thats about the time it was launched here at my place, and today I am going to review these brushes.I got a total of four brushes .I will start with a general overall evaluation. 
 What I love about them:
  • The handles are extremely , extremely high-quality and when I say high quality , I mean it. They have a dark matte black finish which gives a classy look and have Oriflame written over them.

  • The ferrule is insanely, awesomely , drop dead amazing. I have washed these brushes more than a few times and although I usually protect the ferrule part of my brushes from the water, I get somewhat rough with my brushes while cleaning them and these ferrules have not budged ever since I got them.

  • Price: very very reasonable if you are on a budget (which I always am), I will get to the individual prices of the brushes as I talk about them one by one.
1.The highlighter brush. , Price: Rs.198.00Pros: 
  • Shaped in a perfect "under the brow" shape for the perfect concentration of highlighter under the brow bone
  • This will not shed on you. It just won't , until of course you try to pull it or something. 
  • very good quality Synthetic hairs
Cons: Not Really
Rating : 8.5/10

2. The blending Brush, Price:Rs.(150-300)Pros:
  • Will Not shed on you.
  • Blends colors well.
  • Extremely professional looking.
  • Long handle to allow you to regulate the pressure while blending.
  • Reasonably soft on the lids.
  • Has a round end not Tapered , so might be a little tricky for people with hooded lids like myself.
  • Rating : 8/10
3. The dual ended lip and concealer brush.Price:Rs.149.00 
  • Dual ended, so occupies less space and has multi utility.
  • Lip side is shaped in a perfect arrow kind of a shape to give precision required to do dark lips.
  • will not shed
  • Concealer part is good for application of concealer, not blending, it leaves streak marks and is a little harsh for the undereye area.
Rating: 8/10

4. The Blush Brush., Price: Rs.249.00 
  • Looks good
  • This will shed , and it will  shed every time you use.
  • The quality of the hairs is a let down
  • Does not feel soft enough on your face.
Rating: 5/10

Please leave your feedback, its means a lot to me.



  1. good review Seeba:) I hate when brushes shed aftr we spending lot of money for thm...this is so budget friendly and the quality is also promising....never knew oriflame hv brushes too:) thnx for the information darling...:)

  2. wow most of them sound quite decent..i'm always on a budget :p so i'll definitely try out few from their range now..Nice review!

    1. thanks a lot....yup they get the job done for the price :)

    2. Lee B, i followed you on twitter, do reply? :) I can be your oriflame consultant if you like. buyoriflame.sf@gmail.com

  3. Thanks Renji....yup have been using them for a long time now....except the blush brush, everything is good...they also have a foundation brush but I dont have it yet :(

    1. they have launched a foundation blending brush and a fan powder brush too. Please contact me to buy :) buyoriflame.sf@gmail.com

  4. i always look for budget products.. n i love oriflame products.. these brushes looks fab and they do well job... :)

    1. yes they are extremely budget friendly......for someone like me who can hardly afford a MAC 217 0r 214, this rocks... :)


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